Govt. JobsDelhi: Preferred Skills and Talents by Employers from Biotechnology Graduates

Skills and Talents is something which no employer can ignore while hiring. The hiring process at Government Sector or PSU’s is no different as they also give emphasis to specified skills among the candidates. [Bioinformatics, [1642, 1]] is the most sought after skill for biotechnology Jobs in delhi followed by Computer and Electrical Engineering.

After analyzing the current data, top most preferred skills and talents for biotechnology Jobs in delhi are:

  1. Bioinformatics - (1642 youths in delhi)
  2. Life Scientist - (385 youths in delhi)
  3. Molecular Biology - (1574 youths in delhi)

Government Recruiters of various PSU’s are very harsh and inflexible as far as skills and talents of candidates are concerned. Hiring fresh recruits becomes an arduous task when multiple candidates having similar biotechnology Jobs degrees apply. Some jobs/roles may require some particular skill that can only be acquired by undergoing specific educational and professional courses. Employers search candidates purely based on the skills and talents, along with educational qualifications.

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